Natural Health and Healing – in the Real World

Health and Healing


I had not one, but two situations this week where most people would run to the doctor for a once-over or an antibiotic. I ran to my pantry.

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‘Me Time’ for Moms – The Importance of Self-Care

Insane Mothers

So, I was going to write an update on the herb garden… but I just couldn’t do it. I owe it. I promised it. I didn’t have it in me. Instead, I’m going to tell you about the last few days of my life. Grab the popcorn.

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The Adventure Begins

Hi! My name is Nicole, and I am The Holistic Housewife. Of course, I’m not just a housewife – I’m a wife, a homeschooling mother of 4 children, a garden nut, and the biggest holistic health fan you could ever ask to meet. This blog is the creative outlet for all of my research, my thoughts, my hopes, my adventures, and hopefully it will one day be something more… something big. Something inspiring. Something to help those who happen upon it. Continue reading “The Adventure Begins”